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About us

Who we are

Our company was funded in 2001, with the objective of creating current and accurate maps for the Romanian market. We have 12 years of experience in creating digital and printed maps, tourist or thematic, simple or customised. We have also developed a complex spatial database, we are specialized in GIS solutions and we offer location-based services to our customers.

Each mapping project, each GIS analysis or Geomarketing process is a great challenge for us. We invest knowledge, skills and effort to create not only simple maps and databases, but also mapping and GIS solutions customised to meet the requirements of quality and readiness of our customer. Our team of specialists and consultants in cartography and GIS is professionally trained to solve the most diverse customer requirements related to spatial data.

One of our major goals was to create the most complete and current map of Romania, with continuous improvements. You can view and access the map of Romania here.


Having access to spatial information, individuals and organizations can "map" environmental changes. Through creative use of spatial data, customers gain the ability to analyze and understand the moving reality, can orient and adapt to changes quickly, and can capitalize on emerging opportunities, taking the best decisions in context.


Our mission is to serve individuals to take better decisions in orientation in space and businesses for making better management decisions through the use of geographic information, exploiting the spatial component of the data.


Dedication. We are committed to the main objective to provide a diversity of GIS and mapping products based on accurate geographic information - and for this purpose, over the last 12 years we have created the most complete and current map of Romania.

Passion. We are passionate about maps, mapping and GIS, we like the work well done, and this passion is reflected in everything we do for customers and the community.

Innovation. We are always looking for new opportunities to meet and anticipate our clients' needs so that they can benefit from solutions that will revolutionize their business.

Respect. We respect our customers, partners, suppliers and employees, considering that all the people involved are important for the success of our joint projects.

Performance. We are always concerned with increasing performance of our business, in order to provide data and services of the highest quality, on time.

Opening. We want data to be accessible to the greatest number of people. We are open to novelty and development, to opinions and recommendations of our partners.

Quality guarantee

Micro Mapper implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, one important step that confirms our constant effort to provide customers the best solutions for professional mapping, GIS services, and spatial databases.

We constantly strive to respond promptly, effectively and completely the requirements of our customers, following the steady increase of our company performance and the quality of products and GIS services. The results of the 2012 Surveillance Audit confirmed that the Quality Management System meet both internal and customer requirements and regulations. We strive for each project to raise quality standards that we have imposed.  

Community / CSR

Community of GIS professionals and mapping enthusiasts

We invest passion, time and effort to create the most complete and current map of Romania. But we want something more, namely to provide this map to all those who need it. It is a difficult goal, but we are determined to materialize it for you and with you!

If you are interested in contributing and completing and updating our map, we invite you to be part of “Map of Romania Cartographers Community”!
If you are passionate about GIS, cartography and spatial data, you have experience in this field and you like to get involved, we hope you will join us to support the promotion of GIS techniques and the use of spatial data in as many areas are still little used, such as health, trade, banking, real estate, advertising, etc.  

We always reward those who contribute to improving maps, including financially. We donate 5% of our incomes to the cartographers’ community, to GIS specialists associations or tourism and environmental protection organizations, which supports us to do a better map by which to increase value of tourism services in our country. We plan to organize more competitions together and get involved in sponsoring activities in these areas.

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