About Micro Mapper

During the years Micro Mapper offered outsourcing services for several companies from Western and Central Europe delivering to them high quality services at lower costs. We can build teams that can deliver your data or your software. Based on our experience we can build different size teams (from 3 to 50 employees) with different level of knowledge (from junior to senior) in different fields of expertise (GIS, IT, BIM).

Micro Mapper was launched in 2001 to create and maintain up-to-date the nationwide GIS layers regarding the roads & streets, postal addresses, navigation, population and point of interest data.

Beside GIS data creation Micro Mapper’s mission is to deliver GIS services to their clients like geocoding, geo-location analysis for expansion, web-mapping, GIS system buildings, server configuration. Our senior GIS professionals can help you migrate your system from ArcGIS to QGIS.

Based on the map data creation Micro Mapper became one of the most important GIS data provider in Romania, delivering GIS layers for the international navigation industry, the national telecom and retail companies. Micro Mapper is offering outsourcing services in GIS area for almost 20 years and recently also in the IT and BIM fields.